ZIPP® ZT3213 Air Riveting Tool for up to 9.5mm

ZIPP® ZT3213 Air Riveting Tool for up to 9.5mm
Brand: ZIPP®
Product Code: ZT3213
Air Tool for Structural Rivets and LockBolts

The Rivtec® ZT3213 tool is a cross-over model that combines 3/8-inch hydraulic cylinder components with 1/4-inch air-cylinder components. The resultant tool is very low-cost for its capability, has high traction power, but limited stroke (two cycles for 3/8-inch structural rivets). Intended users are low volume and intermittent installers of 3/8-inch rivets and 5/16-3/8 inch lock-bolts. Manufactured in Taiwan, the tool incorporates good design and build quality. Warranty is 12-months and is fully supported with spares and service as may be required. 

Product Code:         ZT-3213
Weight:                    2.9 kg
Length:                    275 mm (Without Nose Assembly)
Stroke:                    18 mm
Package Accessories
Spent Mandrel Guard
10ml Syringe
Operators Manual
Made in Taiwan
Multi Setting Tool | Pneumatic | 7.90-9.50mm (355)