ZIPP® ZT2318H Air Hydraulic Tool

ZIPP® ZT2318H Air Hydraulic Tool
Brand: ZIPP®
Product Code: ZT2318H
Air Tool for Structural Rivets and LockBolts

Rivtec® ZT2318H is a heavy-duty production tool for installing structural rivets and lockbolts. The tool-head accepts a wide range of nose as- semblies which can be quickly changed to suit Magna-Grip®, Maxlok®, Avdelok®, BOM® and C6L®. This tool comes standard with vacuum for rivet holding and mandrel extraction. Made in Taiwan, this tool has 12 months warranty. 

Product Code:         ZT-2318H
Weight:                    2.5 kg
Length:                    329 mm
Stroke:                     18 mm
Package Accessories
Nosepiece Spanner
Spent Mandrel Guard
17/19mm & 19/21mm Spanner
10ml Syringe
5mm Allen Wrench
Operators Manual
Made in Taiwan
Multi Setting Tool | Pneumatic | 4.80-7.80mm (686)