Huck 256 Installation Tool

Huck 256 Installation Tool
Brand: Huck®
Product Code: TA-256

Huck 256 Installation Tool

The Model 256 tool is designed for high-speed production applications, able to install up to 20 fasteners per minute. Slightly more swaging power than the Model 255 allows the 256 to install up to 3/8" steel Magna-Grip fasteners. The tool provides optimum stroke for one-cycle installations, and features an concentric (inline) pull piston and new fromt gland design, allowing for easy piston removal. The 256 is factory-tested for 2000 cycles, ensuring the tool's reliability, and plated piston rods extend seal life, adding to its durability.

256 Specifications

Stroke: .875 in. 
Weight: 11.1 lbs. 
Required Air Pressure: 90-100 psi 
Capacity: 9986 lbs @ 90 psi 
Hydraulic Fluid: Automatic Transmission Fluid DEXTRON III® or equivalent 
Speed/Cycles: 30 per minute 
Noise Level: 85 dBA @ 90 psi

Made in USA

Huck 256 Installation Tool
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