Rivtec® S4 Air Hydraulic Riveter

Rivtec® S4 Air Hydraulic Riveter
Product Code: RT-S4

Air Riveting Tool for Rivets up to 6.4mm Ø

The Rivtec® RT-S4 is an excellent value air hydraulic riveting tool, ideally for installing structural rivets up to 6.4mm Ø in low volumes. It is capable of installing Magna-Lok®, Orlock®, Interlok® and Hemlock® rivets as well. This tool comes standard with vacuum for rivet holding and mandrel extraction.



Non-protruding trigger for easy and safe operation
Readily accessible nosepieces
Spring balance attachment for fatigue free operation
Mandrel collecting system



Product Code:                   RT-S4
Weight:                              1.6 kg
Length:                              315 mm
Operating Air Pressure:     5 - 7 bar
Pulling Force:                    18,000 N
Stroke:                              19 mm

 Package Accessories


Nosepieces for 4.8mm and 6.4mm rivets
Spare Jaw Case
Spare Jaws (set of 3)
Spare Jaw Spreader & Spring
Syringe and Hex. Key
Hydraulic Oil Bottle
Operator's Manual

Rivet Setter | Pneumatic | 4.80-6.40mm (SR Rivets) (391)