Elasti Bumper 300

Elasti Bumper 300
Brand: Titgemeyer®
Product Code: TT-601440

Titgemeyer® elasti Bumper 300

  • Inverted, foam padded 10mm thick steel plate, the large area dispersing the form which hits the bumper
  • Constant pressure by distancing rods between the limpet washers and the steel plate
  • Fixing: 3 mounting holes with foam padded limpet washers, height 32mm and square hole
  • Material: Polyurethane foam
  • Colour: Black

Weight: 2.05kg
Dimensions: 300x80x65mm

elasti: is the brand name for TITGEMEYER parts from polyurethane foam

Made in England

Expanded Polyurethane Technology (2267)