Gesipa® Powerbird CLASSIC GOLD

Gesipa® Powerbird CLASSIC GOLD
Gesipa® Powerbird CLASSIC GOLD
Brand: Gesipa®
Product Code: GT-POWERBIRD-G1

GESIPA® Powerbird GOLD Battery Operated Rivet Tool for Structural Rivets

  • Even higher pulling force for safe setting of blind rivets in all materials
  • Electronic Temperature and overload protection
  • Fatigue free working through well balanced weight distribution and ergonomic grip
  • Cable free tool for flexible operation 

Setting Capacity

Aluminium 4.8-6.4mm
Steel - 4.8-6.4mm
Stainless Steel - 4.8-6.4mm

Benefits of Li-Ion battery technology

  • Lighter Battery
  • High energy yield per charge
  • No memory effect, or reduction of performance
  • High life expectancy 

Weight: 2.2kg
Stroke Length: 20mm
Pulling Force: 18,000N

Made in Germany

Gesipa® Powerbird CLASSIC GOLD
Rivet Setter | 14V Li-ion Battery (1) | 3.2 - 7.7mm (147)
Gesipa® Battery Deep Sleep Mode
Deep Sleep for Li-Ion Batteries (39)