Gesipa® Flipper Low Effort Hand Rivet Tool

Gesipa® Flipper Low Effort Hand Rivet Tool
Brand: Gesipa®
Product Code: GT-FLIPPER
Hand Tool for Rivets up to 4.8mm Ø
Gesipa® Flipper® is a lightweight and low effort hand riveting tool installs rivets up to 4.8mm in aluminium and 4.0mm in stainless steel. It is supplied with a spent mandrel container which can be slipped onto the tool body and is easy to empty. It features a spring loaded jaw mechanism for positive and automatic spent mandrel release. By using more strokes, the physical force required to set rivets is significantly reduced.
Product Code:      GT-FLIPPER
Weight:                 750 g
Length:                 221 mm
Stroke (total):       16.2 mm
Package Accessories
Nosepieces: 10/18, 10/24 & 10/29
Maintenance wrench
Operating instructions

Made in Germany

Gesipa® Flipper
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