FAR® K25 Hand Rivet Tool - Long Arm

FAR® K25 Hand Rivet Tool - Long Arm
Brand: FAR®
Product Code: FT-K25
Lever Tool for Rivets up to 7.8mm Ø
FAR K25 is a heavy duty lever riveting tool installs blind rivets up to 6.4mm in all materials and 7.8mm in aluminium. Its ergonomic grips are designed for comfortable and safe operation. It features an integrated mandrel collector. Its lever and gear design reduces physical force required to set rivets. This tool is ideal for on-site work and low volume installations for larger diameter rivets. Made in Italy, this tool is supplied with 5 nosepieces.
Product Code:     FT-K25
Weight:                1.5 kg
Length:                420 mm
Stroke:                 10 mm
Package Accessories
Nosepieces for 3.2mm, 4mm, 4.8mm, 6.4mm & 7.8mm rivets
12mm maintenance wrench
Operating instructions
Made in Italy
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FAR® K25
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