Gesipa® Accubird PRO

Gesipa® Accubird PRO
Gesipa® Accubird PRO Gesipa® Accubird PRO
Product Code: GT-ACCUBIRD-P2

As Fast As Air - Battery Rivet Tool for all Rivets up to 4.8mm Ø

The Gesipa® AccuBird® Pro is the latest innovation for a cordless rivet tool, ideal for on-site installation and high volume production work. It features a faster and more powerful brushless DC (BLDC) motor for increased work flow and longer service life. The Gesipa® AccuBird® Pro boasts a remarkable 10KN of pulling power.


Stroke increased to 25mm
Adjustable LED lighting to suit various work environments
Readily accessible nosepieces and hex key
Optional autoreverse function shortens the pulling process
Ergonomic handle with increased stability due to larger, non-slip surface and lower centre of gravity
Mandrel collection system - gravity controlled evacuation of spent mandrels
New sliding 18 Volt Li-lon battery with charging indicator
One or two battery kit, supplied in a lightweight plastic carry case with charger


Product Code:               GT-ACCUBIRD-P2
Weight (with battery):    2.0kg
Length:                          279mm
Operating Voltage:        18V DC
Pulling Force:                10,000 N
Stroke:                           25mm

Package Accessories

Nosepieces: 17/32 in working position
Nosepieces: 17/24, 17/27 and 17/29 in nosepiece holder
One hex. wrench SW12
Operating manual with spare parts list
Quick charger operating manual

Made in Germany

Gesipa® Accubird PRO
Rivet Setter | 18V Li-Ion Battery (2) | 2.40-4.80mm (730)